About Me

I was born in Khorramabad, Lorestan, in the vicinity of the majestic Zagros mountains. My childhood was filled with vibrant colors and a constant longing to absorb the beauty of my hometown’s natural environment. Even now, as I write these words at the age of 23, it has been eight years since I left, yet my dreams still bear the hues of mountains, waterfalls, plains, and the people of that land.

Upon immigrating to the bustling capital city of Tehran to pursue my education, I found that photography became my connection to my roots. It was my way of preserving the essence of my hometown. Alongside this deep passion, I also delved into portrait and advertising photography whenever the occasion called for it.

Later, I embarked on another migration, this time to Dubai, where I was captivated by the harbor locations and the surreal humidity that enveloped the city. This fascination led to yet another collection of my works, exploring the unique aspects of this new environment. For me, traveling is more than just a means of discovery; it is an opportunity to continually redefine the art of framing by encountering new subjects and perspectives.

Simultaneously, the advent of advanced editing tools has expanded the possibilities for enhancing the quality of each photograph. The work of a photographer now extends beyond a simple click of the camera shutter. It is an ongoing pleasure, an irresistible magic of capturing moments and orchestrating the elements within the frame. Three years ago, I made the decision to divert from my bachelor’s degree in Theater, choosing to dedicate myself entirely to photography. I am still on this path, eager to see where it will lead me next.


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